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Engineering Consultancy

Mason Zeinali is an independent contractor registered and based in Toronto. He received his bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering. Later, he would go on to earn a master's degree in Structural Engineering from Concordia University (Montreal, Canada). He also holds a master's degree in Hydraulic Engineering. The main focus of Mason's engineering career over the past decade has been the construction management of multistory buildings. He also has extensive experience in the field of hydraulic infrastructures such as design of ports, marinas and coastal structures.


Project Management

Though Mason's core project management knowledge is formed during studying International Project Management at the University of Toronto, most of his practical management knowledge is built from research, observation and common sense in his engineering career. He knows that to be truly successful in his career, he needs to be able to work with people, find innovative solutions to professional problems and make contributions that really matter.



Mason's main interest in photography is capturing natural landscapes and seascapes that foster a sense of connection with the nature. Apart from his favorite line of work, he has covered numerous festivals and public events as a volunteer photographer including: Toronto International Festival of Authors (IFOA), Shield to ShorePrairies to PacificNorthern Passages, Toronto Storytelling Festival, Tirgan Festival, Island SoulBeats, Breaks & CultureFamily Day, Norden festival, Swedish Christmans Fair, TIWANfest, Brave festival, Habari Africa, Barbados on the WaterKuumba, Day of the DeadHarbourKIDS, Canada Day festival, etc.



Cycling for Mason is more about exploring scenic places as well as the hustle and excitement of urban life, particularly in Toronto and its neighborhoods. After enrollment at the University of Toronto, he began to engage in cycling more rigorously by joining University of Toronto Road Racing (UTRR) club. From time to time, Mason creates inspiring "GPS arts" by careful route planning in Google Earth and riding along the planned route to create the final artwork. You can follow his rides on his Strava profile.

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